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6 Practical ways to Gain Weight

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Being skinny and thin is a concern for many. As there are many people struggling with weight loss, there are people who struggle to improve Weight, Muscle mass and put on few pounds.

Being skinny is also not good for over all health. improving muscle mass can help you in long run. Along with diet here are top 10 Practical ways which can help you:

  1. Understand your goals; Before getting started with any program, make sure what are your goals. Are you really underweight ? do you really need to improve weight? or you simply need to bulk up??? check your boy fat percentage using calculators online and set you realistic goal.

  2. Make sure you do not have any underlying medical condition: Hyperthyroidism, hormonal changes, deficiencies can be a hidden cause of low body weight. Discuss with doctor and identify if any.

  3. Improve your over all calorie intake: Add 4-6 meals in a daily routine. Check your BMR and Start knowing your calorie requirements. Increase protein intake to improve muscle mass. you can add 300-500 kcal in addition to your daily diet.

  4. Get good quality of Protein: Proteins are important for muscle building. Based on your food choices add vegetarian (Milk, paneer, Pulses, Soybean etc) Or Non veg (egg, fish, chicken0 protein sources.

  5. Include energy dense foods: Eating too less is difficult and eating too much is also a challenge. To increase calorie consumption to significant level add energy dense food. Example - sauces, mixed flours, energy bars, add cream to coffee etc. .

  6. Focus on right workout: Lifting weight s and strength training helps in weight gain. It stimulates muscles and help in bulking up.

incase you are struggling with Weight gain and improve your over all physique have a look at tis detailed diet plan. Download now and get started instantly.