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How Fad Diets are wrong choice for your Fat loss???

Are you one of those who is thinking to start with Kato or Paleo or low carb diet??? And achieve your fat loss goals. Well before doing that you must know this:

How fad diets can be wrong choice for your fat loss journey:

Fad diets are temporary; any diet plan or change you go for fat loss must be life style modification. If you can adopt it for lifetime then you can sustain that change. If the change which are making is hard enough to follow for life time then you will end up regaining fat which is lost during the progress.

If you rely too much on supplements and powders rather than on healthy food: will result in failure. Relying on only tabs and powders is not going to help in fat loss. You need healthy food and supplements will be there just to bridge the gap between your body requirements. It cannot be whole and sole way for loss.

If you are following any FAD diet on your own then there are chances you will face adverse effect soon. Cause half knowledge is of no use. Any deficiency and lack of nutrients can affect health in long run. So, if at all you need to go for FAD diet then do it with experts and trained professionals.

Make wise choices and focus on safe fat loss journey!