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How to Improve Quality of life with Healthy Diet?

We are living in a world where diet and nutrition is looked at with a different point of view. When we start eating healthy - people feel "you are on diet".

Basically "any Diet" wont make you healthy. Having healthy habits can help you achieve health goals and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Healthy diet is nothing but adding all essential nutrients in your meals everyday. This can be done with few healthy habits.

Here are few steps to improve your daily diet and improve quality of life:

  1. Understand food pyramid: Food pyramid is a simple way to understand food groups. Every day one can include 4-5 cereals 9which is at bottom of this pyramid). Then 3-4 servings fresh fruits and veggies. 3 servings of milk and milk products and 2 small servings of non veg food items. Pls make note- Cooking oil, butter, ghee, sugar, honey to be used sparingly. knowing these facts can help you plan healthy meals.

2. Have small an frequent meals: Instead of eating lot of food at a time try to to have small and frequent meals. Eat every 3-4 hours. Avoid skipping meals .

3. understand your own nutrient requirements: For adults we can prevent many lifestyle diseases. For Adults many lifestyle disorders can be avoided with right habits. Adopt them at right time and make it a lifestyle.

4. Get into regular check ups: One more step towards maintain good health is to Perform regular blood check ups. They can give you indication of underlying disea