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How to start meditation Practice At Home Easily?

2021 has been a year of change. This pandemic has left us in realm of self discovery, self care and well being. the journey of self care begins with Meditation. It is incomplete journey if you skip on meditation. Meditation is a simple useful practice which can be done at home. With very small effort you can begin your journey.

How you can start with Meditation at home?

lets check basic steps which you need to follow and start meditation at home:

  1. Plan your time for meditation: while practicing meditation at home requires planning. choose time for your self when you wont be distracted and disturbed by other family members. Let them know about your meditation schedule.

  2. Prepare your self for meditation: Try to do it early morning on waking up or at bed time. See to it that you are not with full stomach. heaviness in stomach can hinder your meditation process.

  3. Choose right guided meditation tracks to start with : If you are a beginner chose meditation track. You can start with guided meditations.

  4. Begin meditation with long and deep breath: Before starting it practice 5 to 10 long and deep breaths. This will help you in slowing down and go deep.

  5. Be kind with your self. Go slow: Before starting meditation tell you are self that " you are no one, you do nothing" This helps you in avoiding thoughts and distraction coming in between.

  6. Enjoy the process: Enjoy the process of meditation. Every time it is a different experience. Enjoy that. Dont expect anything, just go with it.

  7. Be consistent : Be consistent in your routine. Practice meditation at the same time of the day for better experience. Follow your routine. Be a part of the community where you can discuss about your experiences.

How often do you practice meditation? Do let us know in comments. To know more start with our 10 Days Meditation program here: