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A Single Solution to your Most COMMON & Most UNCOMMON Health & Fitness Problems


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*Monthly Subscription & One-time Subscription Options

*Choose plan as per your convenience 

*All Plans have same training features - these are different payment options to fit in your budget, which shall not restrict your fitness goals

*Monthly Subscription option will charge you automatically every month as per the desired selected plan

*You can cancel a Monthly subscription plan anytime

*One time Subscription payments are non-refundable

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Sports Sweat

Presented by Rahul Kharbanda

Creator of one of the most powerful fitness & nutrition programs in the world - Humanize Health Systems that help people achieve their health & fitness goals 5X faster. He is also the founder of Skill School Of Performance which is an Online education platform delivering quality education to the masses.


Over the past 25 years, Rahul as a High Performance & Elite Coach & trainer certified from International Sports Science Association - USA has more than 30+ certifications and have trained and educated more than 2500+ trainers in the train the trainer programs & over 5000+ clients has benefited in his fitness & nutrition programs.


He is also an Author of multiple e-books & an entrepreneur where he mentors several people & helps them find their niche & pushes the limits to help them achieve their life goals.


His writings have been featured in several newspapers and magazines and he has been a fitness model for world-class magazines like Men's Health.


What This Subscription Program Offers

Tired of getting mediocre results

  1. Stay on track with ongoing motivation & support

  2. Powerful workouts

  3. Fat Scouring Nutrition Plans

  4. Unlimited Support

  5. Proven Training programs that actually get results

  6. Powerful tools to keep you on track

  7. Progess tracking

  8. Detailed Exercise Videos

  9. Mobile training App

  10. Accountability Resources

No More Excuses
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