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4 Facts You Must know About Coffee

Many of us are here who cannot start their day without cup of coffee. Many think coffee is good for health where as few are worried about ill effects of coffee on over all health. What is the real truth??? Lets find out in Facts about Coffee here:

It is rich in antioxidants: many of us know about caffeine present in coffee but it is power house of antioxidants. one cup of coffee contains 200-550 milligrams antioxidants. Our body is under constant attack by free radicals (coming from food, water and air). Polyphenols and hydro cinnamic acid in coffee fights against these free radicals. When it comes to antioxidants content of food coffee comes on 11th no after berries in foods rich in antioxidants.

Helps in Reducing Risk for many diseases: Studies suggest that drinking coffee daily helps in reducing rich for diabetes by 25-50%. At the same time regular coffee consumption helps in lowering rick of diseases such as heart disease, depression, liver cancer, etc.

Hot Vs Cold coffee: Incase you are looking for all the benefits of coffee for antioxidants and need to improve over all health then go for Hot the same time if you are suffering with acidity or acid reflux then cold coffee is good choice.

Perfect Recipe: Hot coffee with out milk is loaded with nutrients. Also adding cream and sugar to coffee will not be beneficial for health. Cut down on sugar and cream.

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