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4 Powerful lessons about Food which you Must Know!

We see so much buzz around about healthy diet, healthy living and so on! Still India is the hub for lifestyle disorders like obesity and diabetes. While we treat and counsel patients see common issues an challenges which are faced in day to day life. If we can correct those can reduce Burdon of lifestyle diseases.

Here are 7 Powerful Lessons about Food which you must know:

  1. Follow your traditional Food pattern: Stop running behind FAD diets

There are endless Fad diets on the internet and if you will run behind them every day you will see something ne coming up. Where as traditional food suits best. You definitely need to do changes based on your health goals (like weight gain or fat loss / diabetes etc.) but select food based on your traditional food choices.

2. Food is fuel not therapy

Food is a way of expressing emotions. We see in daily life we offer sweets, chocolates to each other as a way to celebrate or while partying out. One need to change this attitude. This behavior affects our over all calorie (carb intake) and thus our health. One more aspect to this is "We eat food when feel tired / Low" . It is essential to see what type of food you are choosing. Weather it is nutritious or junk...This will have long impact on your health.

3. Healthy food is inexpensive if you observe it properly.

How many times you felt that healthy and "Diet" food is too expensive. You can right. It is expensive than other food packets available in the market. But If it is really healthy / organic or nutrient rich then it is going to help long way. It will help in building health.

4. Colorful food will help you earn health

Add all the colors to your plate. Fresh, colorful fruits and veggies are full of nutrients. Then help in reducing oxidative stress in body and slow down the aging process.

If you are also struggling to improve your eating habits and manage daily diet then enroll for our meal planning course. This will give you complete insight on creating your healthy meals.